AWS Audit and risk assessment

With our comprehensive assessment and recommendation services, we can help to ensure your AWS environment is correctly set up; secure, reliable and cost effective.

Our AWS Audit and Risk Assessment has been developed to help businesses maintain secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

A well-built, stable cloud environment is essential

We’ll spend time assessing your environment (don’t worry, we won’t make any changes, read only access is all we need) and producing documentation to clearly show where you are now and a plan for getting you where you need to be.

Before the Audit begins, we’ll spend time talking through the environment and business with you so we can tailor the audit to your exact needs.

As part of the audit, we’ll also cover all of the fundamentals, including:

  • Access Management and AWS Account setup
  • Analysis of security groups, password policies, access key recycling policies, IAM user access, root account access
  • Creation of a risk register to risk items, the severity, likelihood and remedial recommendations
  • Documenting application flows and dependencies
  • Feature alignment – making sure you’re making the most out of the AWS landscape
  • Creation and testing of monitoring
  • Rightsizing and cost optimisation
  • Backup and retention schedules
  • Disaster Recovery Planning – creation/checking
  • Availability zones/multi-region
  • Logging/Monitoring – analysis and/or setup Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch as well as third parties such as New Relic or Datadog
  • Encryption
  • Asset recording
  • Review incident management process and cyber incident response plan
  • Technology resiliency assessment
After the assessment is complete, you’ll receive two documents from Rebura:

Risk Assessment

Using a traffic light system based on scores for likelihood, severity and impact

Audit Document

Highlighting key findings, specific areas of interest and a breakdown of all the information on the above points.

Both documents will include recommended remedial actions. Costs are dependent on your current infrastructure, so get in touch to find out more about how this could help secure your AWS environment today.

Case Study

BTC Software is a FinTech provider who develops feature-rich, affordable software for accountancy firms.
Most of their infrastructure is hosted on AWS. They were keen to ensure they were set up in a more secure, scalable, resilient and efficient environment. Rebura helped ensure they continue to operate in a highly secure environment.

Find out how we can help your business

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