a solid foundation for your cloud environment

Rebura offer 24×7 monitoring and support, with a 15-minute SLA. All of our monitoring and support services are built around being pro-active and resolving potential issues before any downtime. Unlimited remote support is included as part of all support offering.

Unrivalled support, all day, every day

Our support desk can be contacted via phone, email or web portal. All support requests are issued a ticket reference which is used in all correspondence, allowing you to easily track and update your ticket. The helpdesk is entirely UK based, with offices in Farringdon and Kings Cross.


More than summary dashboards, Rebura offers all high-resolution metrics and events for manipulation and graphing.

  • See graphs across sources in real-time
  • Slice data by host, device, or any other tag
  • Compute rates, ratios, averages or integrals
  • Easily customize views, interactively or in code


Rebura notifies you of performance problems, whether they affect a single host or a massive cluster

  • Receive alerts on any metric, for a single host or an entire cluster
  • Get notifications via e-mail, PagerDuty, Slack, and other channels
  • Build complex alerting logic using multiple trigger conditions
  • Mute all alerts with 1 click during upgrades and maintenance


Rebura focus all of their management services around being pro-active and resolving potential issues before any downtime. We understand that no two business requirements are the same, which is why we’ll build a bespoke support package and SLAs dependent on your needs.

An example SLA table we have recently built for a client:


Any issue leading to website downtime or severe functionality and service loss

SLA hours: 24×7

Response time: 15 mins



Issue causing slow transaction or webpage speeds, loss of non-critical functionality

SLA hours: 09.00 – 17.30

Response time: 4 hrs



Modification to AWS service, non-service affecting issues and errors, End user issues for non-critical updates or problems

SLA hours: 09.00 – 17.30

Response time: 8 hrs



Any request for information

SLA hours: 09.00 – 17.30

Response time: 24 hrs

Rebura provide 24×7 monitoring and support to ensure that your systems are running smoothly, critical issues are dealt with in real time either through alerting your own team or having our own NOC engineers working on the issue. The operational support service covers the operation stage of your infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, operating system and hypervisor. Deployment, backup and restore services are covered under their respective services.

Case Study

Saragossa engaged Rebura to help move their IT Systems forward and improve the efficiency of their staff.

The initial phase included creating and implementing a backup and DR solution on AWS, Office 365, files stored on Amazon EBS, security audits and improvements including managed anti-virus and Mimecast. The initial engagement proved so successful, Saragossa now outsource all tech and IT requirements to Rebura, including on-going support.

ROUND-the -clock cloud support for your business

Need robust, reliable, and proactive support for your AWS environment? Give us a call and find out how Rebura can help you stay ahead of the curve and minimise downtime.