Case Studies

Associated british ports


Associated British Ports are the UK’s leading port group, operating 21 ports across the UK. ABP regularly engage Rebura to provide project management and procurement services. A recent example of this was to provide group wi-fi services to 21 ports and offices around the UK.

The Challenge

To provide wi-fi connectivity to over 21 locations/ports within the UK, each presenting their own individual challenges. The project presented logistical issues and required intense project management and co-ordination to ensure the aggressive timescales were met within budget.

The Solution

Rebura investigated and trialled various hardware vendors to identify ABP’s corporate standard and presented the business with advantages and disadvantages for each product set. This included a full roadmap of where the technology was heading in accordance with ABPs’ five year business strategy.

After narrowing it down to three vendors and undergoing rigorous testing and proof of concept trials, it was decided that Aruba/HPE networking and access points were to be the preferred solution. Rebura moved ahead with planning and implementing the solution.

Along the way, various issues presented themselves which were not initially expected, including; large moving boats interfering with signals, water obstructing cabling, high winds delaying installation, and many more. The project management team at Rebura had their work cut out to ensure work was not delayed, nor additional unbudgeted costs incurred. As with any project, unexpected issues will arise, but it’s how these are handled that are crucial to the success of any project.

The Results

  • Site surveys were carried out across the 21 locations to identify a design for the placement of the access points and required additional cabling
  • Several sites with poor connectivity were identified and replacement connectivity was advised, ordered and implemented
  • Rebura collaborated with the various project owners on each site to create a project plan and timeline for installation and implementation
  • Discounts were negotiated and were leveraged on behalf of the customer to ensure ABP remained within budget
  • Each site had additional cabinet and cabling work to ensure that the infrastructure was in place for the installation of the access points
  • Risk assessments and methodologies created and followed for each individual site
  • All access points and equipment were asset tagged ahead of delivery to each individual location. Asset references were recorded on a master log and provided to the customer on receipt
  • Full site reports and handover documents for each site were provided to the customer
  • Regular project meetings and budget plan was reviewed alongside the customer to ensure all relevant parties were kept updated on the progress of the project
  • Entire project delivered under budget

On completion of the project, Associated British Ports had full integrated connectivity and wi-fi that is easily manageable from a central portal. The solution has been validated alongside the business requirements for the next five years as part of their wider mobility strategy. The project was completed within the time frame (which included intense work over ABP’s quieter Christmas period) and came in under budget.