AWS Optimisation

Many organisations turn to AWS cloud-based infrastructure to achieve efficiency and cost savings.
But you won’t accomplish these goals without cloud optimisation—constant tuning, managing and automation of your assets.

With Rebura’s AWS optimisation suite, driving efficiency no longer requires labour intensive manual alterations.

Instead you can automate workflows, programmatically tune your infrastructure and see your entire environment in one pane of glass.

The result is a cost and performance optimised architecture that scales without added complexity.

Cost Optimisation

Reserved Instance Management

Usage and Performance




what our service offers

By utilising the Rebura toolset, our customers save an average of 25% on monthly billing


  • Detailed reporting on reserved instances and where these should be purchased
  • Estimation on money saved and a buy back period


  • Rightsizing
  • Security


  • Beyond what the native tool can offer
  • Deletion of old snapshots, DB logs and unused Elastic IP addresses
  • Scheduled shutdown of unused EC2 instances during quiet times


  • Underutilised infrastructure is modified or removed.

Case Study

GamingRealms continuously spin-up new bits of infrastructure and add services onto their AWS.

Whilst the in-house dev team are focused on improving their service offering, the optimisation & management of the account often fell by the way-side, in favour of improving service delivery.

we can help your business

At Rebura we’re passionate about transforming your business with the cloud. Whether you’re an existing or new cloud infrastructure, sit down with us and see how you could benefit.