SaaS on AWS

Accelerate your SaaS journey and scale for the future
Our SaaS transformation team equips businesses with the knowledge they need to pivot their software delivery model to SaaS (Software as a service). Whether you are new to SaaS or have an existing product to migrate to AWS – we can help align your product and vision to the AWS Well-Architected Framework – optimising for the AWS cloud and engineering for scale.


Our end-to-end service offering enables us to understand your business, architecture and application to get your SaaS offering onto AWS and into the hands of customers.



We sit with your business owners and your development teams to build a SaaS strategy or review an existing one. We work through focus areas to ensure best practice and find out about your business and how you work. We review architectures together, code design and business process design. Following the session, we present back our findings and recommendations for you to take the best decisions as a business in your SaaS journey.


Where needed

If you are not already on AWS – our team of solution architects will help get you there. They will assess any on prem or existing cloud deployments and ensure best practice is being followed in those deployments. They will then come up with a strategy to migrate you to AWS, get you set up with alerting and monitoring, billing and cost optimisation.


New SaaS Product

Where you need new products built on AWS to support your SaaS transformation, our team of experienced Software engineers can help you realise your product vision. From backlog refinement through to production grade code deployments, our team will sit with your teams to ensure your business has the application code in place delivering business value. We can work alone or integrate with your software teams to deliver great SaaS products.


New + Existing SaaS Product

You might already have a SaaS product but you need help deploying to cloud or optimising for scale. Our engineering team have experience scaling in the cloud across a diverse set of industries, we have a structured approach to solving hard problems and our expertise in AWS help your business scale in the cloud whilst delivering value to your customers.



Our customers value our expertise and continue to work with us after we have delivered a project in their business. Our cost optimisation service ensures that you are getting the best performance for the lowest cost in your cloud environment. We can set up alerting and monitoring so your teams can sleep easy at night and when your business expands into new regions we can help you set up a presence there. Annually we can carry out well architected reviews to give your business confidence it is building products in-line with the Well Architected Framework in AWS.

Why Rebura?

Our experienced engineering team have helped organisations transform their business models, software development practices and product architectures delivering SaaS solutions for global customers.

We understand the requirements of different types of organisations and businesses and adjust our solution offering accordingly. We understand that no two businesses are the same, and expect your SaaS offering to reflect the uniqueness of your business. We enjoy collaborating with our customers to build simple, performant software running in the AWS cloud.

Our Case studies

SaaS Transformation
Ikue are a data platform that gives telcos valuable customer data in real time, powered through an AI solution. The product gives a single view of the customer enabling telecoms marketers to target customers with the correct messaging – tailoring the customer experience and driving growth. The platform includes unique features such as self-learning Auto Mapper, an AI-powered Analytics Factory and proprietary Ikue ID algorithms.
SaaS Transformation
SnapDragon provide brand protection to help against counterfeiters, their goal is to protect clients of all sizes from online threats and infringements. They help to defend global innovators’ strong reputations, whilst also keeping customers safe. The purpose of working with Rebura was to improve their logging/audit solution to improve observability whilst maintaining optimal application performance.

Assess - Migrate - Create - Modernise - Optimise