AWS Optimisation

Our free AWS Optimisation Suite gives you full visibility into your entire infrastructure and identifies opportunities to reduce costs, optimise usage, boost performance, tighten security, and improve availability across your AWS cloud environment.

Using our optimisation toolset, our customers save an average of 25% off their monthly AWS billing.
Many organisations turn to AWS cloud-based infrastructure to achieve efficiency and cut costs. But you won’t accomplish these goals without cloud optimisation—constant tuning, managing, and automation of your assets. With Rebura’s AWS Optimisation Suite, driving efficiency no longer requires labour-intensive manual alterations. We automate workflows and programmatically tune your infrastructure, resulting in a cost- and performance-enhanced architecture that scales without added complexity.

Clear, actionable insight

We analyse your AWS environment and make better, more informed decisions with customized reports and dashboards detailing every aspect of your business or your projects

Optimise usage

We provide comprehensive rundowns of your key cloud spend areas to highlight trends, identify irregularities, and analyse performance data to help you optimise your resource usage

Bolster security

We automate regular administrative tasks, and help you map out governance policies for everything else, ensuring you maintain watertight data hygiene even as you scale

Automate governance

We tighten up security, enabling you to better manage risk, make sure you’re alerted to any issues, and can access thorough assessments of affected areas

what our AWS Optimisation service offers

  • Critical metrics like cost, usage, and performance that can be viewed holistically or segmented to give you granular insight into specific areas of your environment
  • Fast and simple sharing of valuable insights with others in your organization
  • In-depth visibility into your Amazon ECS and EKS environments to examine performance and optimise container usage


  • Thorough reports on reserved instances and opportunities for use in your environment
  • Estimates on potential savings and buy-back periods
  • Analysis of key metrics to help you cut AWS costs and manage budgets
  • A comprehensive overview of your AWS spending including recommendations for cost optimisation
  • Configuration of cloud operating budgets to alerts key stakeholders of projected overspend
  • Removal or modification of underutilised infrastructure
  • Cost models to help you choose the right Savings Plan based on goals like budget, target coverage, discount rate, or total savings
  • Optimisation of EC2 and RDS reservations, including modification or exchange if recommended
  • Tailored recommendations and customisations for rightsizing your EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes
  • Automation beyond what is natively offered by AWS
  • Implementation of governance policies and workflows to reduce infrastructure management, including automations that monitor your environment and take care of daily operational tasks
  • Set up of alerts to notify stakeholders if policies are violated
  • Configuration of user permissions to determine who is authorised to execute governance tasks
  • Automated deletion of old snapshots, DB logs, and unused Elastic IP addresses
  • Scheduled shutdown of unused EC2 instances during quiet times
  • Automation of rules and workflows to ensure secure access to your AWS environment and reduce risk
  • Audit of your environment’s security measures against industry-standard benchmarks from AWS and the Center for Internet Security (CIS) —or we’ll develop a custom set of standards built for your business
  • Set up of automatic security alerts for critical issues
  • Automated distribution of in-depth security policy violations reports ranked by severity and offering profound insight into affected resources

Optimising your AWS Account:

How to cut costs, boost performance, and improve security.

Billing through Rebura

Want to take the hassle out of your AWS billing and save money? As an AWS Partner, we hit all of the upper billing thresholds. Allowing us to bill AWS on your behalf gets you access to all kinds of benefits—including immediate cost savings—and doesn’t affect your account or your relationship with AWS.

Here’s how billing through us can help your business.

Easy setup

Send us your account ID and we’ll send you an invite. Just one click and your billing will be handled by us from that point on. If you ever want to go back to direct billing, you can revert back in a single click.​

Start saving straight away

You’ll get access to our lower AWS rates so you can start saving immediately.

Get AWS credits

When you bill through an AWS Partner Rebura, you’ll be eligible for “cashback” of up to 10% of your annual cloud spend in AWS in credits to use on any new workloads.

Business Support savings

If you have an AWS Business or Enterprise Support Plan, you can make savings on that too. Billing through Rebura gets you lower rates on your Support Plan.

Cost optimisation opportunities

You’ll also get access to our free Cost Optimisation Suite. Using this set of tools, we review your AWS account and highlight further opportunities for you to cut down on spending. We look at areas like rightsizing, reserving, savings plans, and unutilised infrastructure to help you optimise your account. After using our Cost Optimisation Suite, customers generally see savings of between 10 and 20% on their AWS billing. It’s completely free, totally optional, and no sign-up is required. 

No change to your account

Billing through Rebura won’t change your AWS account—you maintain the same access, the same ownership, and the same AWS account management. AWS simply routes your invoice through Rebura.

Case Study

GamingRealms continuously spin-up new bits of infrastructure and add services onto their AWS.

Whilst the in-house dev team are focused on improving their service offering, the optimisation & management of the account often fell by the way-side, in favour of improving service delivery.


Book a free 45-minute cloud spend optimisation consultation with our Cloud Optimisation Specialist and find out how you could save up to 30% on your AWS spend.

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