Case Studies

BTC Software


The Challenge

BTC Software initially contacted AWS as they wanted to ensure their environment was adhering to best practices for both their business and customers.

AWS introduced BTC Software to Rebura to as a recommended partner who regularly carries out these types of engagement. BTC Software operates on both a traditional on-premises version and a SaaS product from AWS and were keen to prove to their clients and internal teams that security was their top priority.

The Solution

Rebura recommended and carried out a risk assessment and audit which covered a variety of fundamentals, including:

  • Access management and account setup
  • Analysis of security groups, password policies, access keys, IAM access, root account usage
  • Documentation of application flows and dependencies
  • Monitoring and encryption
  • Technology audits

Rebura also engaged in discussions around the longer term strategy of BTC Software and kept this in mind when making recommendations. Rebura produced detailed documentation including:

  • Risk Register – Using a traffic light based system based on scores for likelihood, severity and impact of issues.
  • Audit Documentation – An in-depth look at the key findings, recommendations and future plans.

The Results

Rebura and BTC Software worked through the recommendations together, and all items were remediated either by Rebura or internally at BTC Software to ensure that BTC Software continues to operate in a highly secure environment.

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