Case Studies


Control Tower


Clipper is one of Europe’s leading retail logistics providers, taking cost, risk and complexity out of the retail supply chain.

The Challenge

Clipper was an existing customer of IT infrastructure and services provider, Softcat, and due to an influx of new customers on its logistics platform, it approached the company for help with streamlining its AWS infrastructure.

It was crucial for Clipper to achieve scalability. It already had an existing data centre in place but had limited resources available to effectively manage this while experiencing accelerated growth. As Rebura is Softcat’s Elite Implementation Partner for AWS, we immediately engaged with the project.

The Solution

Rebura implemented a Control Tower to help Clipper meet its requirement for a multi-customer multi-account environment and fulfil its compliance needs. We also deployed an AMI pipeline to deliver dispatch servers.

Utilising AWS CloudFormation, most of the implementation was built into a repeatable process to facilitate a more streamlined, efficient, and secure onboarding system for customers.

By dedicating substantial time and resource to the discovery phase of the project, Rebura was also able to thoroughly assess Clipper’s requirements from both a technical and business-outcomes perspective.

Rebura then worked with the client to develop a standardised, secure-defined approach for building new AWS testing, development, and production environments for each customer. This utilises Control Tower to set up the initial account structure and deploy EC2, RDS, and S3. Once an environment goes live, it’s then onboarded to our Managed Service desk, providing 24×7 monitoring and support.

The Results

Thanks to Rebura’s unrivalled expertise in designing and implementing new AWS environments as well as its capability to provide ongoing support, Clipper now has a modernised and highly efficient onboarding process in place for all its new customers. So far, eight environments have been created,  with more in the pipeline.

By engaging with Rebura to streamline its AWS infrastructure, Clipper has also saved significant time, money, and management overheads that can be re-directed to other critical projects within the organisation.

“Rebura has helped support our continuous growth by developing an approach fit for us, allowing us to focus on our clients without disrupting day-to-day business.”


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