Case Studies

CMS Analytics


The Challenge

CMS Analytics required a fully redundant IaaS offering. Due to licences and some constraints, PaaS (RDS) was not an option, which meant the business needed SQL Clustering and a redundant infrastructure. The team enlisted Rebura’s help to review and deploy a responsive solution that would efficiently address these issues.

The Solution

After a detailed consultation with CMS Analytics, Rebura proposed the following:

  • Utilise S3 rather than the single server for assets and documents
  • Build a three server Microsoft SQL cluster (master, slave, witness)
  • Secure the environment in private subnets reducing attack surfaces
  • Utilise load balancers for SSL termination and reliability
  • Active directory for authentication

The Results

Within a three-month period, Rebura worked with CMS Analytics to develop a new environment that adopted the following key changes:

  • .NET application configured to utilise S3 for assets, thus making the frontend stateless
  • Creation of Microsoft SQL cluster due to some RDS constraints identified by the customer as well as an investment in licensing
  • Utilisation Application Load Balancer
  • Multi-Sever Frontend
  • Utilisation of WAF
  • Bastion Host secured by security groups for remote access