Case Studies

Gaming Realms


The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding online gaming company, Gaming Realms continuously spin up new bits of infrastructure and add services onto their AWS. With the in-house development team  focused on improving their service offering, optimisation and management of the account often fell by the wayside in favour of improving service delivery.

When they needed additional compute in isolation to provide web services, Gaming Realms engaged Rebura to provide Cost Optimisation services on their AWS account, which was billing circa $15,000 – $20,000 per month.

The Solution

“Having fully handed things over to Rebura, we’ve made significant time and monetary savings.”

Rebura implemented its Cost Optimisation Suite to help Gaming Realms identify areas in which their AWS account could be performing more efficiently. As part of this audit, Rebura:

  • Moved Gaming Realms to a consolidated billing model
  • Implemented AWS Business Support
  • Analysed the usage
  • Analysed the security and permissions of the AWS account
  • Identified inefficiencies, reservation and rightsizing opportunities, and provided a comprehensive report
  • Implemented security enhancements including least privileged access and MFA
  • Setup monthly reports to deliver analysis of usage and security

“We first engaged Rebura to provide consolidated billing and cost optimisation for our infrastructure and later expanded their role to include support for issues our technical team lacked the expertise to resolve.”

Paul Gambrell, CTO, Gaming Realms

The Results

We immediately spotted potential savings for Gaming Realms by using Reserved Instance with no upfront commitment:

  • Savings of $1,737 per month ($20,842 per year) through purchase of 108 Reserved Instances with no upfront costs
  • Effective Cost Savings, including the amortized price, of $1,737 per month ($20,842 per year)
  • Projected reservation rate of 92% with a payback period of 0 months

Our first three months of service achieved the following savings:

Month 1

Reserved Instances – No upfront

Upfront cost: $0

Monthly saving: $1,737

Month 2

Removing unused and unattached disks

Upfront cost: $0

Monthly saving: $1,909

Month 3

Reserved Instances – Partial upfront

Upfront cost: $5,092

Monthly saving: $2,263


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